jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

New Resolutions ?

Is the beginning of a new year synonym of new and good resolutions? In my case, I cannot say yes or no as I'm making new decisions all year long. However, it is true that I generally glance at the past year and analyze what I have done and the reasons why I have not done some things. Maybe were these things not that important or maybe they were but I could not achieve them because of a lack of time or just because other things happened. 

What can I say about 2013 ? 

Well, we made wonderful trips to Austria, France and Spain, we attended Bruno Mars and Jamie Cullum concerts (among others), we go on trying to improve Crear Para Endulzar (Sweetening Your Life), I can finally say that I can swim (more or less but at least, I don't drown anymore), I began a course of design and layout that I enjoy a lot, I go on with German lessons, I go on writing for DestinoRock and this collaboration gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people, and last but not least, I began with my sister a new blog about Barcelona. 

But many things have been left undone... especially an essay or a book I wish to write, the one I began so many years ago in my mother tongue and I want to revise or re-write, certainly in Spanish. It is something I want to do but it is something I always postpone because there is always something else "more important", new courses and new projects.

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