jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

When Signs help you Making a Decision

Sometimes, someone has the opportunity to take a new direction or to stay where he/she is. This may occur in daily life, in job or in any kind of activity,... Anyway, at the moment he/she has to make the choice, he/she may be doubtful. It is also true that whatever he/she may decide, there will also be pros and contras, this is inevitable. Maybe it is the reason why it is so difficult to take a new direction. Indeed, in the present situation he/she already knows which the pros and the contras are, still in a possible new situation, he/she is going towards the unknown, that he/she may fear, thinking it could be worse. 

However, there are generally signs that might help in the decision. These signs may be only words, arguments, seeing an advertisement of a destination, or anything else, something that someone would not have noticed if there was not two possible ways at that moment. In any case, I do believe that these signs may indicate which is the right decision to make. 

Personally, this week Sergio and I have both received signs, and both of us indicating the same direction. Maybe next week we shall receive different signs, showing another way, or not. Anyway, when time has come, we'll make the decision, may it be right or not, but as I have written in a previous post: nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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