miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Moments of Insecurity

Sometimes, in life, we have to pass through moments of insecurity. 

Today I’m asking myself if I’ve made the right decision. Indeed, after thirteen years working in the same company, where, although my tasks have been developing, I arrived to a point where it was impossible to grow, I’ve decided to take the step and start at a new place. 

Did I get right or not? I can say nothing about it because I really have no idea at all. 

Sometimes I think I did because, anyway, in the other place, I’d have stayed at the same place, becoming the same income and doing the same monotonous job for years and years while I’d have seen myself teaching things to my future new bosses. And sometimes insecurity takes over me, making me feeling completely lost and asking myself many questions, the main one being: did I do the right decision? Then comes my dearest Sweety, to convince me I made the right decision and that I should have no doubt about it. 

Anyway, as one never knows what future will bring, I’ll really try to take advantage of any free time I have to go one with two of my many projects: design and writing, without forgetting the research of somebody who could help us with our “Sweetening Your Life” project!

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