miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Eco and Bio: reality or just a way to be in?

Every week I can see how, in Barcelona, more and more bio or eco shops are opening. Apart from the fact that some of these shops are undoubtedly tricking their customers on the real origin of their products, I was wondering the other day if this new trend is going to be temporary or if it is really a new way of living. 

Indeed, people are every day more concerned about their health and, as a consequence, choose to go to this kind of shops and to buy eco or bio. 

However, when I see some of these persons catching their big car to go from home to their office or to the eco/bio shop, which is located less than 500 meters distant, I cannot stop smiling (ironically of course) when they say they are concerned about environment and about pollution because it is harmful to their health. 

It is obviously useless to think if this kind of people, when driving to buy eco or bio products, is caring about the provenance of these products, of the way they have been brought to the shop (contaminating or not), of the way they are packed (recycled and recyclable plastic, glass, carton, tin,…?),… 

There is a shop for example near my house, where they sell fresh milk that comes from a close farm (according to what they say). Good up to now. However, they propose you to pour the milk in a glass bottle (ok) or in a plastic one… the worst comes when they place the chosen bottle in a plastic bag! 

But, coming back to the people I was talking about before, the ones who catch their car to go to a place where they could easily go walking and are supposedly concerned about environment, the best comes when they say you that they prefer to put on the air conditioning instead of opening the windows because the air of the street is too polluted. Paradoxical, isn’t it? 

Anyway time will tell but I really hope this is not a new way for a few people to make a lot of money taking advantage of the others.

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  1. I think that this kind of people don't really feel concerned about environment. They go to an eco shop just because they want to consume healthier products, and not because they feel concerned by the consequences intensive agriculture can have. Many bio shops have understood that because that eco, they are not!! Individual portions, so more plastic. Or use of corn amid bags... (Are they really better ore just "less worse"?)... En fin, we all have our own contradictions but sure I understand what you mean and I feel really upset when I see persons whose behaviour is opposite to the lessons they like giving... But keeping smiling, doing what you think it's better and spreading your informations to make people conscious of their acts, you're going ahead. And that counts!!

  2. Many thanks for your comment!! Yes, in the end everyone has to do what he/she thinks is better... everyone with his/her own coun consciousness :)


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